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Hi everyone, I thought you might enjoy this episode from Talk Show America .

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What is “Hate Speech”


There has been a big controversy concerning “Hate Speech” since a few months ago Radio Talk Show Michael Savage was put on a list of people who would be refused entry to the UK. The list included international killers and criminals. Mr. Savage was the only American on the list.(for more information, go to
You see on progressive, liberal websites the talk about “Hate Speech”. The ones they claim are doing “Hate Speech” are conservative radio talk show hosts who  disagree with President Obama’s policies.Where were the progressive liberals when all the bad things were being said about President Bush? The progressive liberals would tell you what they said about President Bush wasn’t Hate Speech. It was freedom of speech. They were right.
Neither is what conservative talk show hosts say about President Obama, Hate Speech.
If you see or hear someone or some group claim someone is using “Hate Speech”, remember this group or person is trying to stop someone from using their first amendment right of free speech.
Would you want to live in a country without free speech? Without free speech, if you said or wrote  something the government didn’t like, you would be arrested and sent to jail. NO!

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President Obama And Ted Kennedy

President Obama will be given the major eulogy for the late Ted Kennedy. Ted’s funeral will be broadcast on all cable news channels, C-Span and the three major networks. It you never heard of Kennedy, you would think he was a former President. He was just a far,far left liberal who served in the US Senate for 50 years.
How could a man like Ted be treated like a god with his questionable past?(if you want to know about Ted Kennedy, just search for kennedy on the internet)
Here is how it works. Ted was a liberal.The major news medial love liberals. If you are a liberal(like Ted) and do bad things, sooner or later the news media is going forgive you and forget about your questionable past.
It also helps to be a Kennedy. Time after time members of the Kennedy family got away with things you and I would have want to jail for.
Now, on the other hand if you are a Conservative christian and do the smallest thing wrong the news media will burn you at the stake. With very few exceptions, You won’t be elected or re-elected to public office.
Let me give you an example: What qualifications did Barack Obama have to be President of the US. None, but because he was liberal, could act well on state and look like a president, the news media and liberals want for him, even with his questionable past.
If you voted for Barack Obama you got what you deserved. If you didn’t vote for him you just hope he doesn’t finish wrecking this could before he leaves office.

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Are we all Racist?

It seems we, who oppose the Health Care Bill(others like it) are Racist. It seems, in Washington, if someone disagrees with what congress or the president is doing, they call them Racist.
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called everyone who opposed the Health Care Bill before congress Racist.Why would she do that? Because she knows she can’t tell the American People the real truth about Health Care. Rep. Pelosi, the president and a large number of congressmen want us to end up with a single payer socialized medical plan, run by the government.
What they will tell you is we don’t want a socialized medical plan like England or Canada. Remember, in the government plan everyone has health insurance. When the cost for this plan get out of control,what will they do? Cut cost by cutting services and installing medical boards to keep costs down and desiding who gets good care, who gets poor and who gets no care.
Where are all the Doctors coming from if everyone has free health insurance? You and I know that if something is free, we tend to use it more.
The VA Health Care systen and the Tri-Care Health Care system is run by the Federal Government. See what a mess they are in.
Socialized Medicine will kill the best health care system in the world. We can’t let that happen.

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A Few Things About Mean Joe Green

I am 67 years old and am sem-retired.I got the nickname Mean when I use to manage a company with a lot of employees. I always made the people I managed do the job they were hired for.The company was paying them good money and they need to earn it. I always treated ever employee the same, if I liked them or didn’t. Employees I fired we given more than one chance to shape up or ship out.
I live in Phoenix, Arizona USA

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Hi, out there world, this is my first try at Blogging.

This, as I said in the heading, my first attempt a blogging. I have been wanting to try it for a long time.

In coming Blogs I will taking about “Taking Responsibilty for what you do in Life”, “The Health Care Debate in this County” and “Why we have horrible people in Goverment we have”.

I will be bringing this from an Independent point of view!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!